Shorter Than Short Videos Added (12 Seconds)

Twelve seconds doesn't seem like a long time. And I don't believe it is either. (unless you are leading by 2 points and the other team has the ball at your 45 yard line with 3 timeouts left, then it seems like the game will never end).

But anyway, back to what I was typing about, 12 seconds is an online video place where you too can add your own mini videos which are, (and you can probably guess it), 12 seconds long. Think of this as the Twitter version for video.

Now like in all social environments, there are the occasional postings which make no sense to the larger population. Some of these seem as if someone hit the record button and didn't remember doing it. (Strange things you can get when that happens).

So, yes, I have now entered into that arena with my own first, second, and third videos. (Yes, I promise to have a different shirt on next time as well as various backgrounds just to brighten things up a bit).

What you will find will be bits about life, living (hopefully a bit funny at times), quotes and thoughts which actually might mean something vaguely important. Hey, it beats just sitting there looking at the camera for 12 seconds doing nothing. (Now that too, for the viewer, could seem like a very long time).

So what about you?

What would you say if you had just 12 seconds? 140 characters? 5 minutes to kill while standing in like at Wal-Mart?

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