Putting A Mug On A Mug

Conan has one.

Jimmy has one as well.

Regis has new ones all the time.

Kelly uses two hands on hers.

Jay had one (and probably will have one on his next show).

And now, after getting so tired after nearly burning myself from those foam cups, I now have my own mug, (much harder to knock over and spill stuff).

For me, the mug does more than just hold a given beverage of the moment. It is something of my own. It reminds me of who I am and what I do (even on those too frequent times when I wonder just what that is). And the outside words and picture match the inside of the mug.

So, what about you. What would you want on your very own mug? Anyone can have Garfield or Superman or Wonderwoman or Dilbert. Even World's Best Boss or Super Secretary or Able Accountant, but that really isn't about YOU.
Gotta get going. Have fun and be creative.


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