Happy New (fiscal) Year! Horray! Yippie!

I know. It just doesn't have the same excitement without the chill in the air (Missouri boy here), the smell of cheap champagne in the air (cheap Missouri boy here), "Auld Lang Syne" blasting in the air (old school, cheap Missouri boy here) and glitter puddles all over the floor. (You thought I was going to say something about "in the air" again. (Tricky, old school, cheap Missouri boy here).

Well, enough about me.
But, as for me, I like how the "fiscal" year provides a break in the "real" year. It gives us a chance to look back over the past six months (shorter than a whole year), and see what went right, what went not-so-right or those few (we hope) things that just totally went left instead of right.

Well, enough about me again.

How about you? Take a few moments. (Note: No one really knows how long a "moment" is, so it's up to you how long you do this). Think back, look back, skim back, track back over the past 181 days (if you are reading this on July 1, 2011) and see what you accomplished, hoped to accomplish, never thought you could accomplish and maybe just need to work a bit more on in order to accomplish. (Please, don't, I mean really, don't send the comma police after me).

Let's start this New (fiscal) Year with a gentle kick by knowing we did some stuff right already, and we are going to do even more right stuff rightly. (Note. Don't always try to figure out what I am typing. It makes sense to me and and it will to you as well if you are drinking that cheap champagne mentioned above).

This is our year... (and by year, I mean the next 182 days or so. Don't worry. We'll do this again in 6 months or so, and then that will be our year as well).

So what are you waiting for? We have a celebration to attend to. Then we get back to whatever it is we were doing before I so rudely interrupted, um, whatever it was you were doing.

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