A Bit About Me (updated)

So many people have been putting together short lists of things about themselves which many folks may or may not know about them. I did this list a couple of years ago, and decided to update it a little bit.

Granted, the list hasn't really changed all that much (not sure what that says about me). But here is the updated on in all of it's glory. Feel free to create your own in the comments.

 David Stoddard…

…is an emerging* a hopefully humorous writer writing on personal motivation & stuff.
…is the common voice which we’ve all heard in our own minds at one time or other.
…may not do it himself, but knows what he has to do to keep things moving.
…doesn’t believe life should be as serious as many would have us believe.
…really does do more than sit in the EZ chair from morning til night.
…knows work is needed to succeed, but it takes thinking first.
…hated English class, but manages to write okie dokie.
…believes Weird Al Yankovic is a musical god.
…really can be funny from time to time.
…likes pizza and Chinese food.
…is transitioning right now.
…is his real name.
…needs a nap.
…has a blog

* Thanks to Kristen Lamb, I'm working on taking out that whole "emerging writer" thing out of my vocabulary.

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David Stoddard
The Unmotivated Motivational Writer
Twitter: twitter.com/imdavidstoddard
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  1. Weird Al is a musical god... lol. You may be on to something!

  2. Love the content and the structure of the thing. Brilliant!

  3. Love the inverse pyramid-very cool indeed.How do you get that red bar on the bottom of page to pop up? Also love the trucker hats!

  4. Laird, you are quite wise as well. I can only hope someday the powers that be will have Mr. Weird perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.

  5. Julie, the tough part was just making the angle fit on the page (and yet still have it look like sentences).

  6. Carrie, Thank you for "judging." I do need to prepare for the Olympics and pleasing the judges. :-)

  7. Alvarado, the Red line thing came from http:/www.wibiya.com (It's been a long time since I put it on, so will take some thinking how it worked). Plus I am taking their word for the the translations are part way accurate. :-) And the hats are from Zazzle.

  8. I think you need to cross out hopefully, too-I think Kristen would say you're cheating with that one.

  9. Cora, ARGGH! The personal peptalk (and editing there of) never ends. :-)