Short Weeks Bring Plenty To Do Stuff

What was it about this week that made it so busy? Three meetings, one restructuring continuation, new duties, a new boss, a walk-through of our space which has lead to more possible questions (in a good way), 25 or so posters to print, and a pizza party for our student worker who's last day was today.

In the previous 5 weeks we have been over in our new location, we have not been anywhere near this busy if we combined the past 5 weeks and compare those with the past 4 days. WOW!

In a sense, being busy is a good thing. Great thing should it mean that what we do matters to people. Now sure. I like doing my fair share of not too much from time to time, but it just means that we are going through the motions that way. We really are not accomplishing too much.

Sure, it works as a much needed break or rest, but over all, it really doesn't push anything forward.

This week, with the changes announced, the projects added, and the stuff to do had changed my feelings about the situation. It's made things better in a way. And with whatever is to come in the near future, it can be even better than we think it is at the moment.

So for your Assignment...

When you become busy (seemingly out of nowhere), what are your first thoughts about it? Do you complain wondering if you will ever get a break? Do you think about it a bit and see that - yeah, you have time and can do it. Or do you jump right in seeing the possible benefits down the road for taking part in this?

Write about it and share your thoughts here.


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