Just Cleaning Things Up

Well that was simple for our canine friend. It's not necessarily something he wants and it just stays in his way when he is walking on the road. So get it out of the way for good.

So if Fido here can clean things up, why do we have such a difficult time tossing stuff which isn't necessarily doing us any good or that we are done with and get it out of our way so we can move on?

Last month, I finally got around to recycling the soda bottles which had taken up residence in the office. There were seven (count em... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) shopping bags of 24 oz. bottles around the office.

YES, they were in the way
NO, I wasn't going to use them for anything
YES, I was done with them
NO, I don't miss them
YES, I feel better that they are out of here (made room so I can add more).

Time now for a painful but cleansing set of assignments: (before you take the trash out).

Make a list of what needs to be out of your way
Write about a "friend" or character who keeps everything
Write about a trash collector who throws nothing away at home
Write a story using names of cleaning products throughout.
Write about places for things and things in their places.

Time for me to get cleaned up for lunch. Hope I don't make too much of a mess.


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