How Patient Do Ya Gotta Be?

Ever have one of those days where you put together a lunch or picnic outing for friends or even co-workers, and no one seems to remember when or where it is?

See, my buddy Teddy here (cute name I thought) is just waiting patiently for lunch.

You can see he hasn't eaten yet. No mess to speak of. (really, bears are not exactly known for cleaning up after themselves). So I am guessing he has not had a bite in a little while (though Teddy may think that person with the camera is beginning to look like a nice snack until his friends make there way to the campgrounds.

How long do you think he will sit and wait, before getting up, tossing the table over on end and searching for his own potato salad and hotdogs?

What can you say: Would you have eaten the photographer by now? Go off into the woods? Or just hang out with the ants at the table? Or something else.....

Photo creatively borrowed from Sarah Jackson's blog/site

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David Stoddard
The Unmotivated Motivational Writer
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  1. Sincerely glad I am not a wildlife photographer. Though He looks harmless...for the moment. I would want to pet the animals, and I think that would be a bad idea...?

  2. Laird,

    He does look friendly, and truly minding his manners. Or else he is just waiting for the photographer to turn their back for 10 seconds.

  3. LOL -- I'm with Laird! Too many dangerous animals look so cute and cuddly!

  4. Carrie,

    They are cute and harmless... for maybe the first couple of weeks. Then no one is responsible. :-)