Simple Survey For Writers

Call me nosey, or maybe just a tad lazy at the moment by putting a survey together (all 1 question of it). Part of this is just a test to see how it may work. The other part of this is because Blogger changed their look and I'm still getting used to it, so thought something simple would be nice to attempt before writing some long-winded post (which I've been known to do).

So feel free to take the single question survey. If you don't see it, that means the survey has closed. (It's a technical thing I vaguely understand how that will work).

Enjoy yourself for the next 17 or so seconds it takes to read and choose. Results will be published at the end of the month.

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David Stoddard
The Unmotivated Motivational Writer
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Khara House said...

I'm excited to see what kind of results you get for this!

David Stoddard said...

Hi Khara,

The totally unscientific results will be sent out today. Now if only I can find a way for the survey to automatically put the ongoing results out there.