When Ya Started Writing - The Results

In a totally unscientific survey of only the best minds on Twitter, Facebook and pretty much the whole world wide web thing (meaning anyone who either accidentally or on purpose chose to answer the question in the survey of April 19th), we have learned that a majority of said folks started writing as a child.

My favorite (and I guess that's why it was an option) was the 1 respondent who choose "None of your business :-)  With the smiley face as part of the choice, I am guessing it was in jest or they are just being very very secretive about their pre-childhood beginnings.

The chart may be tough to read, so here are the results of the 17 votes:

  • Started writing as a child - 9 
  • Started in my teens - 6 
  • Started in my 50s - 1 
  • None of your business :-) - 1
The survey is still open (and probably will be until the Mayan Calendar says enough is enough). For those who may not have taken it, visit the survey here.

Last question since I need ideas, what are you planning on having for dinner on Mother's Day? (May 13th for those who may have forgotten).

Thanks for your suggestions.


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  1. What am I planning for Mother's Day dinner? Since it's just my hubby and me, and his idea of cooking is a microwave tv dinner, what we have will depend on what restaurant we go to. Probably some place with prime rib.

  2. Excellent posts (present and previous)! Did you notice how few guys there are on the MNINB Facebook page? I didn't until I realized 90% of there are female. Not sure what that says. Anyhoo, I've ma-nom-ma-nated you for the Liebster Blog Award. It's purely voluntary and it's a rather nice thumbs up. http://dsnite.blogspot.com/2012/05/liebster-blog-award.html

  3. Paul,

    How can I thank you enough. (that cookie on the top of your blog looks like something I could buy out of a box and send you). It's taken me a while to write my post, but it is there now. Thank you once again, and I don't know why 90%female are on the MNINB challenge / FB thang when we ourselves can use all the help we can get.

  4. Hi hmcmullin,

    I'm pullin for ya getting something decent for Mother's Day. FYI, Red Lobster will be crowded, get there early. :-)